Carol Swanson - Executive Chef Resume Simple
Experienced in a variety of industries including: medical, medical, and non-profit sectors. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to work well with individuals at all levels.
  • marketing, chef, responsible, organized, promotions, spring, word, production, design, planning
  • service, analysis, cost control, food cost, chef, reports, cost analysis, production, distribution, training
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Executive Chef

    The Hilton

    • Worked with the design team to develop a new menu, organized and managed the event management system. Responsible for all aspects of the restaurant.
    • Oversaw the planning, execution, and production of all events, including the promotions and sponsorship of the event.
    • Developed and executed a series of events including the Spring of the week, the new York times, the annual Gala, the holiday party, and the national Park Festival.
    • Developed and maintained a strong relationship with the local community, the Chamber of Commerce, the local Chamber of Commerce, and the national Park.
    • Created and managed all aspects of the event including: The DJ, Chef, and the DJ s, the music Festival, the movie Theatre, the new York times, the Jazz Festival, the national Museum
    • Worked with the publisher to create and maintain the website and all other documents. This included Word processing, sorting, and mailing.
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Executive Chef

    Stay at Home Mother

    • Improved food cost by over 50% through effective analysis of labor, food and beverage costs, and production reports.
    • Ensured quality control of service and product delivery, including cost controls, and distribution of goods. Monitored and evaluated performance of all departments to ensure that the company is in compliance with the company's policies and procedures.
    • Increased food cost by 10% through improved cost control and labor controls. Implemented a new menu and recipe for the restaurant.

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