Jack Johnson - Executive Sous Chef Resume Simple
To obtain a position that will enable me to use my skills and experience in the field of customer service, and customer service. I am a self-motivated and hard worker.
  • operations, management, editing, administrative, kitchen, filing, food, prep, training, supervising, administrative tasks, time management, inventory, restaurant, billing
  • managing, cooking, kitchen, supervising, restaurant, inventory, storage, quality, numbers, cook, food
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    Executive Sous Chef

    Pickens High School

    • Performed general office duties including filing, data entry, and cleaning of kitchen and dining areas. Prepared and served beverages, such as coffee, tea, and fountain drinks.
    • Management of food preparation and operations, restaurant cleanliness, and sanitation. I was also responsible for scheduling, inventory, and other duties.
    • Maintain the cleanliness of the store, including the cleaning of the restrooms, and the proper documentation of the work.
    • Assist in the preparation and execution of all cleaning and documentation of the facility. Provide administrative support to the Manager.
    • Manage the daily activities of the front desk, including the preparation of the schedule, and the following: The proper documentation of the event.
    • Preparing and editing all the daily paperwork, including the training of new employees, and the preparation of the weekly schedule.
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Restaurant Manager


    • Performed kitchen duties such as inventory, storage, and restaurant supervision. Maintained a clean and safe work environment.
    • Organizing and supervising the cooking and quality of food and beverage items. I also make sure that the restaurant is clean and well stocked.
    • Maintaining a clean and safe work environment, keeping the restaurant clean and well maintained, and managing the food safety department.
    • Making sure the cook is in the correct place and that the numbers are being kept in a timely manner.
    • Maintaining a clean and safe work environment for all employees. Making sure the store is clean and well stocked.
    • Maintaining a clean and safe work environment for all employees. The job was to make sure the crew members were following the proper procedures and the importance of the company.

 Mike Brown Auctioneer 

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