Erica Hill - Sales Coordinator Resume Simple
Experienced IT professional with a proven track record of success in the design, implementation, and support of enterprise systems. Skilled in managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • proposals, branding, event planning, analysis, satisfaction, marketing, market research, construction, communications, and marketing, best practices, communication, management, database, clients, networking, training, advertising, planning, research, trade shows
  • branding, transportation, training, technology, solutions, budget, and sales, direct mail, million, staffing, clients, satisfaction, marketing research, outside sales, customer service, email, distribution, product development, product marketing, marketing, research, service
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Sales Coordinator

    North Springs High School

    • Led the marketing and sales team to develop a new customer service and clients to provide a more efficient and effective communication and coordination of the development of the company's telephone system.
    • Developed and implemented marketing strategies, including: sales, marketing, training, planning, and communication. Provided production support for the customer.
    • Developed and implemented marketing strategies for sales, marketing, and customer support. Managed and maintained a team of 30+ employees and clients.
    • Provided marketing and sales support for the customer and product development team to ensure the highest level of communications and customer relations were met.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Marketing Manager

    Wegmans Food Markets

    • Implemented marketing and sales, customer service, and inventory management to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Developed and managed a team of 5 to deliver a new product offering.
    • Implemented marketing and sales strategy to improve customer satisfaction, including the creation of a new product, and training of the company.
    • Led the marketing and sales of the product development and research of new products and services to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.
    • Led the marketing and sales of the organization, including the creation of a new product, and branding, marketing, and distribution channels.
    • Led the marketing and sales of the customer experience to deliver a new product for the company. The program allowed the sales team to create a competitive Intelligence and distribution strategy.
    • Implemented marketing and sales strategies for clients, including email, digital, and marketing to improve customer experience and reduce cost of ownership. 

 Tampa Liquidation Centers