James Lovitz - Customer Service Resume Simple
To obtain a position in a professional environment where I can utilize my skills and experience to contribute to the success of the company. I am a team player, who is able to work well with others.
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    Customer Service


    • Answers telephone calls and directs the collection of credit card transactions to ensure the highest level of service and accuracy.
    • Increase sales by developing a new business plan for the company. This includes the creation of a new business model for the company.
    • Perform all duties of the company to ensure that the customer is in a timely manner. Assist with the development of the business plan.
    • Manages the daily operations of the business and marketing activities, including the development of the company website, and the implementation of the company's strategic plan.
    • Provide customer service to all customers and their families. Communicate with the public and the community. Ensure that the customer is aware of the customer's needs.
    • Develop and maintain a positive and productive work environment for all employees. Ensure that the customer is aware of the needs of the customers.
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    iOS Advisor

    Utah Valley University

    • Assist with troubleshooting and resolving customer issues. Ensure that all printers have been repaired. Assemble and maintain a bi-weekly schedule.
    • Perform customer service duties, such as, but not limited to, sending out faxes, mail, and emails.
    • Perform customer service and resolve issues with customers, employees, and customers. Answer questions and concerns regarding products.
    • Provided support to the company and sales team on the development of the company's website, including the creation of the content and content for the registration.
    • Data entry of the server and the use of the software. (Oracle).net. -the use of the Microsoft office.
    • Perform all duties of the company to ensure that the customer is in a timely manner and in a timely manner, and in the absence of the supervisor.

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