Marjorie Duckworth - Executive Sous Chef Resume Simple
To obtain a position in a company that will allow me to utilize my skills and experience in the culinary field. I am a team player with a passion for the food service industry.
  • writing, ordering, supervision, operations, budgets, responsible, kitchen, restaurant, chef, executive chef
  • writing, training, million, labor cost, manager, executive chef, kitchen, mentor, sous chef, ordering, supervision, operations, budgets, responsible, food cost, chef
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    Executive Sous Chef


    • Manage all kitchen operations for the restaurant including: Two Sous chefs, two restaurants, and 3 supporting managers and supervisors.
    • Responsible for assisting with menu planning, cost control, scheduling, and labor costs. Worked closely with the Executive Chef and food and beverage Director in executing special events.
    • Daily planning, menu development, and daily specials, including purchasing and cost analysis. Managed staff of 15 employees, oversaw all day to day operations.
    • Performed administrative duties, including menu planning, ordering, and coordination of staff. Oversaw the day to day operation of the establishment.
    • Directed and oversaw all administrative, culinary and production activities for multiple locations including: owner, GM, Executive Sous Chef, and owner of the CEO.
    • Maintain effective communication with all internal departments and ensure that all aspects of the business is in compliance with the restaurant's policies and procedures.
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27


    Discover Card

    • Directly responsible for food production, labor cost, budgeting, and management of all kitchen staff. Managed the day to day operation of the restaurant.
    • Oversee daily operations, training, development and development of all food service staff, and a team of 12 employees.
    • Managed the day-to-day operations of the Executive Chef, which included menu planning, food cost, labor and food costs.
    • Maintain a high level of cleanliness and organization of food and beverage, and planning of all aspects of the restaurant.
    • Oversee planning, budgeting, and cost management for all food and beverage outlets. (i.D.P&L) and a staff of 25.8 million dollars.
    • Oversee planning and supervision of all sales and marketing reports. Perform daily inventory of the warehouse and the facility.

 First Financial Corporation Indiana 

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