Alan Martinez - Dining Room Manager Resume Simple
To obtain a position in a company that will allow me to utilize my skills and experience in the hospitality industry. I am a team player with a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn new skills.
  • organized
  • customer service, payroll, service, managerial, bartender, catering
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Dining Room Manager

    Midwest Institute

    • Managed and organized the entire wine list for the entire hotel, including the Mayor of the Chicago, the PGA tour, and the Tower.
    • L developed a new menu and trained in all aspects of the restaurant. This included: Wine pairings, craft beer knowledge, and cocktail service.
    • Maintain a clean and safe work environment, including restocking items and maintaining a clean and sanitary work area. Uphold all health and safety standards.
    • Assisted in the preparation of food for the following day, while maintaining a clean and safe work environment. As a team member, I was also responsible for the management of the inventory and ordering.
    • Assisted in the preparation of food and beverages to meet the needs of the customers. Served as a waiter, helping with the dining room Manager.
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Senior Captain / Sommelier


    • Oversaw all aspects of customer service, including: catering, front desk, and sales. Developed and implemented a new marketing plan.
    • Restaurant Manager-responsible for scheduling, payroll, and all aspects of the operation. (i.T.
    • In charge of the restaurant, and staff of the company. Trained new employees on the importance of the food and beverage program.
    • Assisted the front desk Manager with the creation of a new computer system. This included the use of all systems and procedures.
    • Promoted to Assistant General Manager within the company to ensure that all positions were covered. This included the use of the POS system, and the use of the computer system.
    • Promoted to Assistant General Manager within the company to train new employees. Wrote and implemented a new system for the newly hired staff.


 Fusion Public Relations