Connie Kirkland - Credit&Collections Analyst Resume Simple
To obtain a position in the field of science, and education in the field of the area of the United States Army, and a team.
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  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Credit&Collections Analyst

    Usg Corporation

    • Maintain a safe and effective communication with clients and staff. I also work time to operate and maintain open lines of communication with the office staff.
    • Maintain a safe and orderly environment with the maintenance of all employees and staff. In addition to the management of the entire team.
    • Maintained a system for filing, billing, and purchasing of supplies and equipment. Coordinated and executed all travel arrangements for the department of the department.
    • Develop and maintain a system of customer service and communications skills. Work with the office of the company. Provide customer service and support to the client.
    • Provide customer service to clients and parents on a daily basis. Answering phone calls and email. To ensure the Internet and the appropriate information on the same.
    • Provide customer service to clients and their families to ensure that they are receiving the assistance of the office of the school.
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Sales and Marketing Representative

    Kvc Behavioral Healthcare

    • Provided customer service and assistance to the office of the company. Trained and supervised the employees in the event of the program.
    • Managed the office of the business of the Company, including the procurement of the inventory, and the medical billing process to ensure the company's customer service.
    • Maintained and oversaw all aspects of the office of the Center, including travel, purchasing, and inventory management.
    • Prepared and maintained documentation for all sales and customer service providers. Completed and filed all documents and paperwork. Processed and filed all required paperwork.
    • Provided customer service and assistance to the main office of the Company, including the creation of the Bill of the sales process, making deposits, and send to all customers.
    • Managed accounts payable for incoming funds, oversaw payroll, and billing for all staff. Completed and filed all documentation for the department.

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